Which WordPress Plugins Do You Need For A Registration Website?

Which WordPress Plugins Do You Need For An Event Registration Website?

When it comes to registration websites, WordPress is a great platform. Adding new content can be as easy as using a word processor. There are thousands of themes to get the look you want, many of them are customisable. However, when you need to add more functionality to get the job done, how do you choose the right plugin from the thousands that are available?

In a recent podcast episode, ‘Essential WordPress Plugins For Event Registration Websites‘, we discussed using plugins to create a registration site for an event or conference. With the right combination, you can make the delegates experience of registration smoother and much less complicated. The easier it is, the more likely they will register and provide the information you need.

This brief list of plugins, in our estimation, will help you to create a great looking registration site and capture the information you need – while ensuring the visitors experience is a good one.

Capturing registration information

Getting details on attendees, speakers and exhibitors is an important aspect of a registration website. That’s why we highly recommend Gravity forms. It has it’s own eco-system with add-ons that can extend it’s already great features, for example Gravity View and Gravity Wiz. There’s even an option to add QR codes! Once you’ve mastered creating forms, you’ll find them easy and quick to create.

Page building and design

Elementor makes creating custom pages a breeze. It’s even better in the pro version. It features drag and drop design so anyone can use it. You can go as far as creating pages whose on screen layout and options are based on visitor actions. As you gain experience, you’ll be making great looking pages in no time!

WP Table builder is a great tool for creating custom tables in WordPress posts. For example, creating a great looking table of speakers or exhibitors. While the built in table features of WordPress are great, this plugin goes a whole lot further!

SEO and analytics

The default ‘go-to’ when it comes to analytics is Google, however there are other options out there. For example Fathom, which is fully GDPR compliant. Site usage data helps you to track visitors, for example where they coming from. You can compare the data to the number of registrations and see if the site is working as intended.

For ensuring your content is SEO ready, use the plugin that has become the standard – Yoast SEO. It’s one of the default plugins that I install on all my WordPress websites. It prompts you to add keywords, descriptions and titles of the right length.

Email marketing

There are many great email services for sending newsletters etc, such as MailPoet and Mailchimp. Some of them can be automated, based on your websites RSS feed. Something I use Mailchimp for. There are WordPress plugins for these services that make capturing visitor information easier. The forms they present will use the ‘look and feel’ that you’ve already created for your website.

Your suggestions

Do you have a favourite plugin that you use on your registration websites? Let us know in the comments below or get in touch with your suggestions.

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