S01E06: Coping With Illness As An Event Professional

Coping With Illness As An Event Professional

In this episode, Bob and Keith talk about dealing with illness and discuss their own recent downtime due to ill health.

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The Shortlist

  • Facebook – time to say good bye to the ailing platform?
  • Zoom Events

The Bullet List, Coping With Illness As An Event Professional

  • Clients & co-workers will understand if you need to take time to recover from illness.
  • Business insurance, do your research before you become ill
  • Communication is the key, will help you to retain clients during down time
  • Returning to work, ease yourself back in – don’t over do it.

Thanks to Stuart Mitchel of Catch The Mice for the intro voice over and to Olly for the between segment voice overs.

During this episode, we discussed mental health. If you need any help then Eventwell has plenty of information and many very useful services.

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