S01E05 – Why You Should Be Dipping Your Toes In Virtual Events

Dip your toes in virtual events

In this episode, we are joined by Stuart Mitchell, who is encouraging businesses to explore virtual events. You can find out more by checking out the website Catch The Mice and by following Stuart and his team on Twitter.

The Shortlist

The Bullet List – Why You Should Be Dipping Your Toes In Virtual Events

For this episode, Stuart Mitchell shares his list on why businesses should be exploring online events.

  • Virtual – a new weapon in your Events Armoury. Virtual and will run along-side in person events
  • Global Audience: Increased audience, increased reach & increased customer base.
  • Commercial Saving: Travel – COST and TIME saving. For productivity, this will be the new priority.
  • Sustainability – Board members flying to NY for a meeting? Events don’t need to cost the EARTH!
  • Work / Life balance. Travel Time away from family, avoiding burn out & taking care of mental health

In this episode, the following websites were mentioned…

  • EventWell – the event industry mental health charity
  • Intelligo – a flexible web-based platform for delivering virtual experiences online.
  • Vii Events – an all-in-one 3D 360° virtual events platform

Thanks again to Stuart Mitchell for taking part. If you have a top tip you would like us to share then please get in touch. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast RSS feed so you don’t miss an episode!

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