S01:E04 – Hybrid Events Are Here To Stay

Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are not going away. They are now another great tool event planners can use. Join us as we discuss why they are going to stay.

The Short List

This Bullet List

  • ROI of hybrid events – We discuss the ‘return of investment’.
  • Better for sponsors – Exposure is not limited to in-person attendees. Exhibitors can be come sponsors and be part of the online experience.
  • People are still not travelling! – There are still problems with travelling and hotels are still suffering from staff shortages.
  • Recorded content lives longer – Splice up the video in smaller segments for sharing. Segments with big value can be turned in to blog posts. Take the audio from small segments to create podcast episodes.
  • Inclusivity – Many attendees can’t make a real life event and disability is a huge reason why. Whether you’ve attended in person or not, everyone can be part of the ‘after show’ community.

In this episode, the intro voice-over is by Abbie Thoms, our guest from episode 3. The voice-over that comes between segments is by Olly Court. We highly recommend him for any voice over or announcer work.

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