S01:E03 – 5 Things To Consider For Your Event or Association Website

5 Things To Consider For Your Event or Association Website

When it comes to crafting websites, quite often there are certain items that are overlooked. These missing things, such as contact pages and social media links, can and will affect the visitor experience.

In this episode, we share our thoughts on what we consider to be important. Joining us for this episode is our first guest, the award winning website designer and creator, Abbie Thoms of Polyspiral.

The short list

The Bullet List – The things your website needs!

  • A fixed footer – make sure it’s informative and stays where it is!
  • Social media links – make them big and bold and obvious
  • Make sure you have the essential pages – at least an about page & contact page
  • Does it work with mobile? – a mobile/responsive design is more important than ever
  • Text size, colour and contrast – make sure it’s easy to read and doesn’t strain the eye

In this episode we briefly discussed accessibility, here’s the link to the website we mentioned for testing accessibility compliance.

Thanks again to our guest Abbie Thoms from Polyspiral, and Carter Johnson for a fab voice over!

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