S01:E02 – Collaborative Apps We’ve Tested & Used

Collaborative Apps

In episode 2 of the Bullet List Podcast, we discuss collaborative apps! We’ve selected 5 of the ones that we’ve tried out and discuss their pro’s and con’s.

This episode starts with our short list, where we discuss…

The Bullet List – Collaborative apps we’ve tested and used

When embarking on a team project, like putting together a podcast episode, you need to be able to co-ordinate work and make sure you are all heading in the right direction. In this weeks bullet list, the top 5 apps we’ve used and tested.

  • Rock – If Evernote and Slack had a baby
  • Evernote – the gold standard?
  • Smartsheet Better than spreadsheets or forms
  • Slack – group chat on steriods – essential for team communications though
  • Brandy – Probably the easiest way teams can share a brands images, logo’s and colours schemes

This week, our intro now has a voice over. So a big thank you to my Mum for letting me record her!

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