Facebook Live, The Home Of Bullet List Shorts!

Facebook Live, The Home Of Bullet List Shorts!

We’ve been thinking about going live on Facebook for quite some time. But what would we talk about and how would it fit it to our normal episodes? After much thought, discussion and a little bit of planning, we did a test.

On Thursday 31st May, went live to our Facebook group just to see what it takes when using a third party platform. In our test we used Restream, which makes this sort of thing fairly easy. The test went very well, so well that while we were there, we recorded an episode!

The audio from that episode is below. We chat about the test and what it took to get things working. The full video with our rambling chat and the episode itself is available only to members of our Facebook group.

Episode 24

Our plan is that we will go live to Facebook initially every two weeks. These ‘episodes’ will be called ‘Bullet List Shorts’ where we will briefly chat about a singular topic. Our normal podcast episodes will continue, these new ‘shorts’ are a new addition to what we do.

Members of the group can watch, ask questions and make general comments. We should be doing our next one on the 14th of June at 1pm BST. Don’t forget to join our group for updates and notifications.