Episode 22: The Importance Of Accessibility For Events, Venues & Websites

The Importance Of Accessibility For Events, Venues & Websites

As an event planner, are you doing enough to evaluate potential venues for accessibility? Do you test your event website to ensure that it meets the needs of those with impairments? Just how inclusive is your event?

Joining us to discuss these questions and more, are Laura Jelinek and returning guest Francesca Rodriguez Balit. We explore the issues facing event planners, venues and website designers.

This is the first in a series of episodes that will look deeper in to this important area.

About the guests…

Laura Jelinek is an executive leader with a passion for bringing people together to facilitate innovations and strategies that provide impact and meet an organization’s goals. She is an advocate for inclusion of those with disabilities and expanding access for all. 

Francesca Rodriguez Balit is an event web & marketing specialist, events podcast host and event marketing consultant. She Helps event profs level-up their events’ websites. This is her second time on the show.

Links to website accessibility testing, as mentioned in this episode…

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