Cool Tool Review: Keep Your Speakers On Time With

Cool Tool Review: Keep Your Speakers On Time With

During out 31 Days Of August challenge, we checked out various cool tools. One we particularly liked was Stagetimer. A great tool that can help you keep your speakers stay within their time limits. We take a quick walk through this simple to use tool that your speakers, organisers and attendees are going to really like!

There are many great features that we really liked. For instance, Stagetimer runs in the browser and any internet-connected device can use it. Also it works on all screen sizes, even tablets and phones.

To quote the website…

“If you have an event and need to time things, for example a presenter on stage, or a meeting with multiple participants or even a church service, then Stagetimer can help you do that.

It allows you to import or create the agenda of your event and share a link to it. You can then control what the presenter or participant sees. Show a fullscreen timer with the option to write messages. Also share a beautiful agenda page that shows what’s happening right now and what is coming next.

Is there a tool you think we should be looking at? Get in touch and let us know.

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